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LIFENET System 5.0

The next generation of efficiency and patient care is here  

With innovative technology and the most advanced functionality in the market, LIFENET® System 5.0 is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly mobilizes data to increase efficiency across the care continuum and deliver critical information at the speed your care teams need to reduce time to treatment.  

With LIFENET 5.0, your EMS crews have trusted tools for streamlining their response protocol and making a greater impact on in-hospital patient care. Your hospital clinicians have detailed advance notice of a patient’s arrival and a comprehensive set of emergent data for managing their care. And a more efficient community of responders—empowered by the ability to share important information across devices and organizations—can stay connected to superior decision support as they work to save lives.   

LIFENET 5.0 Benefits   


LIFENET 5.0 goes far beyond simple data transmission, providing a full suite of tools that connect prehospital and hospital environments, delivering a higher level of data for immediate care intervention and post-event review, and helping manage the technology assets that help save lives.    


Physio-Control operates the data centers that support LIFENET 5.0, providing high security and data redundancy, and relieving EMS and hospital IT organizations of hosting, management, and support burdens. And no other solution has LIFENET Adapter, which lets LIFENET 5.0 talk to devices from other manufacturers. 


The new LIFENET Consult feature makes LIFENET 5.0 a uniquely mobile solution, allowing remote clinicians to perform consults and add decision support value no matter where they are. 


By collecting additional ePCR information from EMS teams and sending it along with 12-lead ECG data, LIFENET 5.0 helps reduce time to treatment and improves efficiency in today’s increasingly crowded and time-critical emergency department environment. 


LIFENET 5.0 is proven, trusted Physio-Control technology, from the same manufacturer of defibrillators, monitors, and other devices that hospitals and EMS organizations rely on every day in critical lifesaving situations.  

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