• Environmental Responsibility

    Physio-Control is committed to achieving excellence as an environmental steward by conserving natural resources, promoting energy efficiency, and eliminating waste. Our goal is to divert the highest possible amount of materials from the landfill through recycling. We strive to meet or exceed all relevant laws, regulations and other environmental legislation which are applicable to our business like waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive and restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) directive.

    We have partnered with worldwide quality recycling organizations who are government sanctioned/recognized, and ISO 14001 certified. Currently Physio-Control recycles all end-of-life medical devices, Universal Waste like batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and all other electronic devices.

    *Please note that infected medical devices must be decontaminated prior to being included in used electronic equipment recycling programs. In addition, certain electronic products must be returned directly to Physio-Control. Contact your medical clinic or Physio-Control sales representative for return instructions.

    The following is list of countries that Physio-Control has current registration, and/or contracted partnerships with collection and recycling programs/organizations worldwide, for WEEE, battery, and packaging waste:

    1. Austria
    2. Canada
    3. Belgium
    4. Denmark
    5. Finland
    6. France
    7. Germany
    8. Japan
    9. Netherlands
    10. Norway
    11. Portugal
    12. Poland
    13. Spain
    14. Sweden
    15. Switzerland
    16. United Kingdom
    17. United States

    Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Engineer
    Tel: 425-867-4017
    Email: rsseaeh&s@physio-control.com

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