• CPR Improvement. Built In.

    Our System of Care approach helps EMS teams to not only be ready and respond to emergencies, but also to achieve ever-better outcomes by reviewing and learning from each event. 

    The Physio-Control CPR Solution is part of this overall approach—supporting these phases of the emergency response cycle:
    Readiness: Equipment and training in place
    Create the critical training and feedback loop.

    Response: Delivering the most effective CPR possible
    It's all about saving more lives.

    Review: Turning data into learning that helps achieve better outcomes
    Communicate. Evaluate. Educate.
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    Since CPR is a critical part of cardiac arrest calls, maximizing survival means scrutinizing CPR performance. Our tools capture and analyze data from all parts of the cycle. This allows you to zero in on the areas most important to your team’s training and response—and create a feedback loop for continuous

    TrueCPR icon 2 NEW TrueCPR™ Coaching Device
    • Accurate CPR data to prepare for the next event
      • Get actual chest compression depth on hard or soft surfaces and in moving vehicles
    • Real-time feedback to optimize manual CPR performance
      • Adjust and maintain critical resuscitation parameters 
    • Timely input for accurate, meaningful output
      • View important summary stats like average rate, correct-depth compression percentage, hands-on time and total event time 
     LUCAS icon 2  

     LUCAS® Chest Compression System

    • Automated compressions from first response and during transport  
    • Deliver consistent, uninterrupted compressions at the right depth and rate, in accordance with AHA Guidelines  
    • Helps maintain good blood flow to facilitate ROSC 


     CODE-STAT icon 2  

     CODE-STAT™ Data Review Software

    • Powerful CPR analytics to create feedback loop and performance driven training
    • Organize, synthesize and analyze your data
    • Improve event documentation with simple data entry forms and waveform annotation


     LP15 icon 2

     LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator

    • More monitoring capabilities than any other monitor/defibrillator
      • Gather compression data to review and improve compression fraction 
    • Sophisticated clinical technologies, supreme ease of use
      • Escalate your energy dose up to 360J when needed for difficult-to-defibrillate patients

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