• Code Management System

    Better Prepared. Faster Response. Constant Improvement.

    The Code Management System from Physio-Control is a comprehensive solution for ensuring that devices, protocols, responders and departments across the hospital are synchronized to respond to a cardiac arrest in the most optimal manner possible.

    The Physio-Control Code Management System takes all four main components of emergency response—Readiness, Response, Review and Prevention—and brings them together into one integrated system designed to improve your hospital’s resuscitation process.
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    Readiness           Readiness
    Readiness is where efficient code management begins.

    By giving you the visibility, insight and control to make sure that your people and equipment are fully prepared, your hospital has the resources to better handle a code wherever, and whenever, it might occur. The right start is everything when it comes to a favorable outcome.

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    Response   Response
    Responding quickly and effectively starts with the right tools.

    The Code Management System was based on our decades of experience working with the real-world needs of hospitals like yours. We know that our equipment must be powerful, but easy to use, so that you can respond to codes early and effectively for the best possible outcomes.

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    Review   Review
    Turn every code experience into an opportunity for improvement.

    The AHA recommends that there be a process in place to collect and review resuscitation data from the defibrillator.1 With the Physio-Control Code Management System, you have the opportunity to easily collect and review post-event data for quality improvement to help you comply with the latest standards.

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    Prevention   Prevention
    Code prevention helps give your team a head start during a code.

    With Code Management System technologies, your hospital can extend its monitoring capabilities, better assess patient status and give rapid response teams the warning they need to provide fast, effective care. Think of it as giving your teams a vital head start should a patient’s condition start to deteriorate.

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