Device Registration

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies defibrillators as medical devices that require tracking (knowing where each device is). As such, federal regulations require that manufacturers maintain tracking information for each device distributed. We rely on our customers to provide accurate device location information. This tracking information provides the manufacturer the ability to locate the device and perform a product correction, should it ever be needed

    Tracking information must specify the physical location of the device, not just the headquarters or receiving department’s shipping address. The tracking information required is:

    • Customer name and department name
    • Physical address (actual physical location, for example, 123 Main Street, Third Floor, Suite A)
    • City, State and Zip Code
    • A contact name and telephone number
    • Device part number and serial number

    The address to which this particular device was shipped is the current tracking location. If this device is located somewhere other than the shipping address, or you have purchased this device from someone other than Physio-Control, please either call the device tracking coordinator at (800) 426-4448, or complete the form below to update this vital information.

    Physio-Control will not use your information for marketing purposes.


  • Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

    *Customer Name

    *Department Name

    *Email Address

    *Physical Address (please, no PO Box numbers)

    *Line 1

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    *Contact Name

    *Contact Phone Number

    *Device Part Number

    *Serial Number


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