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  • The Physio-Control Leadership Team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of team members
    who provide a unique breadth and depth of knowledge across every aspect of the company.

    Anne Mullally
    Vice President and General Manager, Physio-Control 

    Tamara Buettner
    Vice President, Human Resources  

    Allyson Walters
    Director, Human Resources, Physio-Control

    Brian Mendonca
    Senior Director, Finance  

    Art Lounsbery
    Vice President, Research and Development

    Cam Pollock
    Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Asia Pacific Sales

    Mitch Smith
    Vice President, Data Solutions

    Erik von Schenck
    Vice President and General Manager, Circulatory Solutions

    Ryan Landon 
    Vice President and General Manager, Workplace and Community 

    Jeff Laub
    Vice President, Global Operations and Service
    Paula Lank
    Vice President, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs

    Kathryn Janecke
    Senior Director, Quality

    Matt Van Der Wende
    Senior Director, Sales - Americas

    Mathieu Badard
    Vice President and General Manager, EMEA

    Stryker Board of Directors

    For information about the Stryker Board of Directors and Management Team, please visit:
    Stryker Board of Directors 
    Stryker Management Team  
     Mullally Anne 
    Anne L. Mullally
    Vice President and General Manager, Physio-Control

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