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    Protecting your people means being ready.

    As effective as AEDs are, implementing and managing them properly requires planning and regular management. Most organizations don’t have the time to start and maintain that kind of a program. And factors like regulatory requirements, multiple locations, and the potential lack of a safety manager on staff can make the challenge even greater. That’s why the right technology needs the right support.

    With a Heart Safe Solution from Physio-Control, you get a comprehensive AED implementation and management program custom-designed for the way your company works. We provide the guidance you need at every step, from implementation, training, and regulations to maintenance, support, and review. You get peace of mind knowing that your workplace is ready.

    A Heart Safe Solution also gives your business an advantage it won’t find with any other solution: the Physio-Control team. No other company provides our level of service or knows our AEDs like we do—we built the LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED, and that gives us the data access and deep insight that can help you make better decisions about your program.

    With Physio-Control, you’ll have a single, certified point of contact for all the pieces of your program, so you always know where to turn for readiness and management help. We do not outsource customer service like other AED program providers. Your dedicated Account Service Representative works for Physio-Control—and for you.

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    Heart Safe Solution

    “Physio-Control really takes care of their customers. That shows, even years into the program plan.”

    Kelly Kettler, RN-BSN, Claims Manager, Cabela’s 

    “Heart Safe Solution is a perfect setup for our business model. We're a very lean business. We don't have a lot of layers of management to micro-manage programs like this."

    John Anderson, Environment, Safety & Health Manager, McLane Company, Inc. 

    “Physio-Control has a reputation for having one of the best devices in the business. The support program that goes along with it is one of the best in the business as well.”

    Dr. Richard Moggio, Medical Director for L-3 Communications Corporation 


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