NEW LUCAS 3, version 3.1, Chest Compression System

LUCAS® Chest Compression System provides benefits to cardiac arrest patients by delivering Guidelines-consistent, high-quality chest compressions even under difficult conditions and for extended periods of time. The device allows you and your team to work more efficiently without having to compromise on your own safety.

With over 15 years of clinical experience, we proudly present the third generation LUCAS device, built on the LUCAS legacy. The LUCAS® 3, v3.1 Chest Compression System has improved features to facilitate maintenance and handling and allows for new insights through easy, wireless access to device data.

We continue to innovate the LUCAS platform with Wi-Fi® connection to the LIFENET® System and integration into CODE-STAT™ Data Review Software. The new LUCAS 3, v3.1, allows for tailored rates to meet your protocols, alerts configured to improve compliance, post-event reports to your inbox, and asset notifications by e-mail.

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    Effective, consistent and uninterrupted compressions. LUCAS can be used on adult patients in out-of-hospital and hospital settings. Maintaining high-quality handsfree compressions frees responders to focus on other lifesaving therapies and enables them to wear seatbelts during transport.  

    LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System In-service videos

    LUCAS 3 Set Up Play LUCAS-3-Prehospital-Use-Play LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System - Hospital Use
    Set Up and Overview Prehospital Use Hospital Use

    CPR in Motion Videos 

    CPR in Motion CPR in Motion CPR in Motion
    Prehospital Hospital Ambulance
    CPR in Motion CPR in Motion CPR in Motion
    Patient Transfer Helicopter Stairs

    LUCAS 3, v3.1 – Setup Option

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