HealthEMS® Patient Management System

Comprised of five powerful components: MobileTouch, Manager, Fire, Connectx and RevNet, HealthEMS Patient Management System is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution proven to help Fire/EMS organizations improve clinical, operational, financial and regulatory performance.
MobileTouch IconMobileTouch
Touch-based, point-of-care documentation tool
Cloud-based, dashboard-driven data management and quality assurance
NFIRS 5-compatible Records Management System (RMS). 
Secure data sharing that facilitates collaboration with hospitals and other providers
Quick, compliant claims production and efficient revenue cycle management
Designed to make documentation as effortless as possible, the HealthEMS system is patient-based, matching repeat patients to existing records. It’s designed to help responders capture data easily, follow protocols consistently and get back on the road, following their organization’s approach to a call. Not only can the HealthEMS system provide the documentation required by hospitals, billing departments, regulatory authorities and quality assurance, it also gives Fire/EMS organizations the power to improve patient care. 

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