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  • There is Power in your Community. 

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    Make your citizens part of the equation

    You know the difference early CPR and defibrillation can make in an SCA event. Fifty-seven percent of U.S. adults say they’ve had CPR training, and most would be willing to use CPR or an AED to help save a stranger’s life. Yet only 11% say they’ve used CPR in an actual emergency—that’s a number we can increase together.

    How it works

    When that emergency call comes in, your team will be ready. But what if someone
    was already at the scene, applying lifesaving CPR and defibrillation until the EMS team arrived? With PulsePoint, your CAD system immediately alerts CPR-trained bystanders about a nearby SCA event through the free PulsePoint mobile app, and lets them know the location of the closest AED.


    Physio-Control is a supporting sponsor of the PulsePoint Foundation. For more information on PulsePoint, please contact us here.

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