TrueCPR Report Generator

Post-event summary data from the TrueCPR device is available through the TrueCPR Report Generator. After device use, CPR data can be downloaded via a USB cable to your computer. The TrueCPR Report Generator provides you with a summary report including:

  • Average depth 
  • Average rate 
  •  Compression fraction 
  •  Longest pause 
  •  Visual overview of the compressions with indication of pauses

To download the TrueCPR Report Generator, click on the link below, and register for a new account on the website.

Begin the download process. When you are asked for the Serial Number and Feature Key, note that this information is supplied in your account on the website.

Instructions for downloading data from a TrueCPR Coaching Device to the TrueCPR Report Generator are located in the TrueCPR Coaching Device Operating Instructions.