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About Us

For more than 50 years Physio-Control, Inc., maker of renowned LIFEPAK® defibrillators, has been developing technologies and designing devices that are legendary among first response professionals, clinical care providers and citizens everywhere. Our defibrillators set the standard upon which an entire industry was built. From the beginning, our product development was customer-driven. It still is.

A coach assists a stricken player on a basketball court. 

We develop technologies and design devices according to the unique needs of our customers. Rather than one-size-fits-all solutions, Physio-Control products are designed for you, to work like you work. That's why our offerings include a full range of services and complementary products that form an emergency response system. Data management software, round-the-clock technical service, training, medical assistance, leasing programs and liability protection all work in partnership to help you perform the most critical task — saving a life. Paramedics, EMTs and firefighters trust our rugged and ultra-portable professional-grade tools. Clinical care providers choose our products to help them optimize patient care and improve operational effectiveness. Governments and employers partner with us to enhance public health and safety through intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use lifesaving products.The LIFEPAK 12 Defibrillator/Monitor 

With over 650,000 LIFEPAK® external defibrillators in operation worldwide, Physio-Control is the global leader in external defibrillation. Physio-Control currently holds more than 70 percent of the domestic emergency medical services (out-of-hospital) market and nearly 50 percent of the domestic in-hospital market.

Our Mission

We make lifesaving tools for lifesaving teams... unique medical solutions of the highest quality, which predict or urgently intervene in life-threatening cardiorespiratory events.

Our Vision

"We envision a society in which no person dies suddenly as a result of a cardiorespiratory event."