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Lifesaving TOOLS
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LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System

EMS to cath lab, the LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System provides critical high-quality chest compressions for patients in cardiac arrest.
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LIFEPAK 15 Worldwide

The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator is innovative, effective and tough. It’s in service around the clock, around the world.
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McGRATH® MAC EMS Video Laryngoscope

Get an up close look at the McGRATH® MAC EMS, combining direct and video laryngoscopy into a single device.
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The fully automatic LIFEPAK CR Plus makes it simple and safe to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
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Technical Briefing

ClearVoice technology: This episode tells the story of how ClearVoice technology helps Physio-Control devices get heard in challenging environments. With Senior Scientist Bob Smith.
Lifesaving TEAMS
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Rural Medical Teams Discuss LUCAS 2

This report by the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health features medical professionals in rural America discussing their experiences using the LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System.
Lifesaving SKILLS
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Cardiac Resuscitation Symposium

Our Cardiac Resuscitation Symposia help hospital teams that are working to improve performance. Get an overview of these CE accredited trainings in this video.
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Physiology of CPR

12-lead ECG expert Tim Phalen discusses some of the technical aspects of CPR – how and why it works.
Lifesaving STORIES
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Survivor: Rick Ahrens

When one of our own Team Members, Rick Ahrens, succumbed to cardiac arrest, his co-workers didn't hesitate to start CPR and apply an AED. This is his story. 

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Survivor: Carlos Miguel Tavares

An 18-year-old firefighter in Portugal is thankful for the team and the tools – from his own firehouse – that brought him back from sudden cardiac arrest.
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High Mountain Rescue

Battling high altitude and extreme conditions, mountain rescue teams need equipment tough enough to care for their patient during -- and after -- a long mountain descent.
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Survivor: John DeGraaf

When John suffered from a cardiac arrest at his “camp” in rural Vermont, the rescue squad needed a way to maintain CPR for the long journey to the hospital.   
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LIFEPAK AEDs in Munich

The City of Munich, Germany has installed LIFEPAK AEDs throughout its subway system. Learn why, how they work -- and how easy they are to use -- in this special report.
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Survivor: Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle recounts the story of his SCA and the events that saved his life.
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Survivor: Nancy Olson

Whatcom County Medic One and PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center caregivers worked together to save the life of sudden cardiac arrest victim, Nancy Olson.
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Survivor: Bill Krueger

Former Major League Baseball player, William "Bill" Krueger, shares his sudden cardiac arrest survival story.
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