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    resus10: Improving in-hospital cardiac resuscitations 

    Real world stories. Real short interviews.

    Are you a resuscitation team member who loves learning new things but doesn't have a lot of available time?  

    resus10 fits the information you need into the time you have. 

    In each 10-minute episode, nurse, author, instructor and host Nicole Kupchik, MN, RN, talks with critical care practitioners on how their teams work together to maximize cardiac resuscitation survival rates.

    Check out a resus10 episode and discover real-world tips and techniques that could help your team make a lifesaving difference.

    Download episodes and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.  

    Show Notes: 

    Episode 1: Resuscitation is a Team Sport 

    Episode 2: Conducting the Resuscitation Orchestra

    Episode 3: Spotlight on Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    Episode 4: From Collapse to Cath Lab: A New Pathway for Patients

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