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Information Management


The more information you have about a patient, the greater the insights you can use to positively impact long-term patient care. The LIFENET System portfolio of advanced, proven tools and professional services spans the entire continuum of care. The LIFENET System offers adaptable solutions for your emergency department or emergency response teams. You can configure it to meet your present protocols, and work within varied clinical environments. The result-access to enhanced cardiac analysis, putting data right at your fingertips so you can get a faster read on your patient's condition, as well as new insights you can use to enhance positive outcomes.

Physio-Control has spent over a decade designing and implementing cardiac data management tools for emergency response teams. We've listened to the needs of our users — EMS administrators, and medical directors at every stage of delivery, and also heard data analysis requests from hospital administrators. The result of our experience, research and real-world use is the LIFENET® System — an integrated complete care portfolio that lets you take charge of every phase of your emergency response program.