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    U.S. Devices and Batteries Disposal/Recycling Options

    Physio-Control is committed to achieving excellence as an environmental steward by conserving natural resources, promoting energy efficiency and eliminating waste. Our goal is to divert the highest possible amount of materials from the landfill through recycling. We strive to meet or exceed all relevant laws, regulations and other environmental legislation which are applicable to our business like e-waste and universal waste.

    Physio-Control devices, accessories and batteries should be recycled according to federal, state and local laws.

    Physio-Control devices contain circuit boards and other electrical parts and therefore should be recycled through a government sanctioned recycling facility. These are the same facilities that recycle computer equipment. For electronic recycling locations nearest you search online with keywords “electronics recycler near me” or “e-waste recycler near me”. You should always contact each location prior to arriving to ensure that the facility will accept the devices, accessories and batteries.

    You may also pay to ship your device to Physio-Control for recycling as follows:

    Returning devices to Physio-Control for Disposal
    If you would like to send your devices to Physio-Control for disposal our technical support would be happy to assist you with your request. Please have the following information available at the time of your call.

    • Quantity 
    • Serial number for each device
    • Address and contact information

    Once the information is setup in our system your technical support representative will provide you with an RMA number and a shipping address.

    Rechargeable and non-rechargeable device batteries from Physio-Control are considered to contain hazardous materials but are categorized as universal waste in most states. Therefore all batteries should be recycled/disposed of through a government sanctioned recycling facility. For battery recycling/disposal locations nearest you search online with keywords “battery recycling locations near me” or “battery disposal locations near me”. You should always contact each location prior to arriving to ensure that the facility will accept Physio-Control device batteries.

    Returning Batteries to Physio-Control for Disposal
    Please package and ship your batteries to:
    Physio-Control Inc.
    Attn: Battery disposal
    11811 Willows Road NE
    Redmond, WA 98052

    Please note: Customers are responsible for all shipping material and costs involved with shipping items to Physio-Control for disposal. Batteries are considered hazardous material with special shipping requirements. Customers should consult with their shipping company on how to properly ship these items.

    Contacting Physio-Control Technical Support:
    Toll Free (USA): 1-800-442-1142, Option 4
    Fax: 425-458-1404
    email: LIFEPAKsupport@Physio-Control.com 

    WEEE Information for Physio-Control Customers and Recyclers

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