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    Episode 11: Behind the Big Changes


    From every five years to every day: resus10 is taking you behind the latest process for updating the American Heart Association Guidelines. In this episode, Nicole Kupchik, MN, RN, interviews Dr. Karl Kern, professor of medicine of the Division of Cardiology and co-director of the Sarver Heart Center at the University of Arizona, and Gordon A. Ewy, MD, Distinguished Endowed Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine. They discuss Dr. Kern’s leadership role with the American Heart Association and his personal goal to improve public mortality reporting for cardiac catheterization procedures. This interview was recorded at the most recent Physio-Control Refractory Cardiac Arrest Symposium, which is coming to Raleigh in April 2018. If you are interested in learning more about this event, please visit the Raleigh Refractory Cardiac Arrest Symposium website.

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